Integrate a watermark into a PDF file

Learn in this article how to integrate a watermark in a PDF file using the PDF24 Creator. The PDF24 Creator offers the function to integrate a watermark.

What is a watermark?

A watermark is a short text or an image that is in the background of the actual content of a document. The image or text is often affected by an alpha value so that the watermark is easily mitigated. When working with alpha values you can put the watermark in the foreground. For small alpha values it will look like the content of the document passes through the watermark. Visually this results in partially similar effect of having a watermark in the background.

Integrate a Watermark into a PDF file

First, you need to create a PDF file from the document itself, and then integrate a watermark into it. With the PDF24 Creator you can do this in a few simple steps.

पीडीएफ24 क्रिएटर के बारे में और अधिक

  • Download the PDF24 Creator from this site and install the software. After the installation a virtual PDF printer is available that you can create PDF files with.
  • Print out your letter or your document on the new PDF printer. In the wizard/assistance window select Save As ... to save your file.
  • Under the PDF output format you will find the option to watermark. Select the position of the watermark, the text, the font, font size and colour of the watermark.
  • Save your document when finished.
This way you have created a PDF file and integrated a watermark.

Insert a watermark into an existing PDF

If a PDF file is already available, you can also add a watermark to it.
  • Download the PDF24 Creator and install this software.
  • Open the PDF24 editor. Alternatively, you print with the PDF printer to create a new PDF.
  • Upload your PDF to the PDF24 editor. Drag your PDF to the right-hand window.
  • Click Save As on the toolbar or the Save icon in the document. An options dialog opens.
  • Under the PDF output format are again the options for the watermark. Again select the position of the watermark, the text, the font, font size and colour of the watermark.
  • Save your document when finished.
The watermark is now integrated into your PDF.
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