Join PDF files

PDF24 makes it very easy for you to join PDF files. You can do it for free, online or with a software for your PC. This page explains, how you can join PDF files for free with utilities provided by PDF24.

How can I join multiple PDF files?

This task is very easy to do with the free PDF24 Creator. Download, install and open the PDF24 Creator and then drag all your PDF files you want to join into the right window pane. The area is marked accordingly. PDF24 Creator opens your files and previews them.

You can now change the order of the files by clicking on the corresponding icons in the tool bar. The file, which is listed at the top of the list, is added first. All others follow in sequence.

If have created your desired order, click on the corresponding toolbar icon (the 2 rings) to join your files. This tool joins all your files in order, removes the files from the list and adds the new joined file. You can now save your new file.

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Deleting, adding, moving or rotating pages is also very easy to do with the PDF24 Creator

The PDF24 Creator can not only combine entire PDF files, you can also work on pages. This allows you to delete individual pages, to insert pages from one file into a new or different one or to move pages in file. These features are great if you have to assemble PDF files based on others.

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