Create PDF files with the free PDF printer by PDF24

The PDF printer functions in all Windows programs just like a regular printer. Create a document in Word or Powerpoint, for example, and then click Print. A new window will open where you will be able to select a printer. PDF24 will here be listed as a PDF printer. Simply select the PDF24 printer, click OK and soon the PDF printer will create PDF files. This is how to download the PDF printer.

What is a PDF Printer?

A PDF printer is a special virtual printer in the operating system. This printer can be used in Windows in the exact same way as any other printer. In contrast to a regular printer, in a PDF printer a PDF is created. The created PDF can then be saved onto the computer.

Why do I need a PDF printer?

A PDF printer is a very good choice for when you would like to create PDF files. When a virtual printer is used, you can create a PDF out of any program. Simply print from the PDF printer when you need a PDF.

Where can I get a free PDF printer?

A good free printer can be downloaded here from this website. The installation is incredibly easy. The software installs a virtual PDF printer. Print a document to the PDF printer, a PDF will be created and an assistance window will open, from which you can save, edit or display the PDF. The program is well-regarded because of its easily handling as well as its wide range of options.

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